Allison Walker

Why did you join GymMatrix?

· Location
· Group training
· 24 hour access

Describe your overall experience with GymMatrix and it’s delivery of customer service.
· Overall experience has been wonderful
· Trainers are very helpful in answering questions regarding fitness and nutrition
· Great customer service is great. Staff is very friendly.
· Staff seems to work well together and enjoy helping customers

How have the sessions been beneficial to you and your attainment of your fitness goals?
· Absolutely! I joined for the classes because I need motivation and accountability. I love knowing that I have a class to go to and work my schedule around my work outs.
· I make it a priority to be in at least three classes a week.
· I feel that as I progress in my training the workouts progress with me
· In a lot of gyms in the past, I was working out at the same level. GymMatrix training sessions allow me to work out at my level, not a generic one.

How has the experience with the GymMatrix staff and trainers been?
· I have enjoyed working with the trainers. I feel like I get an amazing workout.
· I feel like I have a team of people who know my fitness goals and are helping me strive to reach those results
· Trainers are great at pushing me to work out at my best fitness level without fear of injury
· I have always been intimidated by the weight room equipment but I am confident while working with the trainers because I know I am working out with the correct form and the appropriate weight

Why would you recommend GymMatrix to your family and friends?

· I have been involved an a variety of gyms in the past and this one has by far been the best.
· I am motivated because I saw results really quickly.

How do you feel now, compared to when you first got started?
· I am stronger, have more muscle definition, a lot more toned
· I really struggled through my first session. Now they are much, much easier and I am not nearly as sore the next day
· The key was sticking with the sessions and not giving up, they did get easier.

Has GymMatrix delivered on the promises first presented to you when you joined? How?
· Yes. I’ve been working out at GymMatrix since it first opened. I love the sessions and the fact that they are kept small.
· I like that it is open 24 hours and I can go at any time. If for some reason I miss a session, I am now very confident on the equipment and can work out anytime.