GymMatrix is Small Group Personal Training

New Orleans company embraces hot fitness trend

One of the hottest trends in fitness right now is small group personal training, and it’s pretty easy to understand why. Investing in a personal trainer to work your body one-on-one not only can get pretty pricey, but it can be downright intimidating as well ─ especially if you are new to the process.

With small group personal training you reap the benefits of personalized instruction, but at a fraction of the cost, thanks to the small, limited number of people throwing in to share that service.

GymMatrix takes that concept one step further. The health club not only gives customers access to small group personal training sessions but grants them 24/7 access to the latest equipment as part of a flat monthly membership fee.

Even better than working out alone, exercising with other people can increase the benefit of your workout, studies show. In fact, information published in the Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants in 2005 recommends that people exercise with a partner or group because they “are more likely to stay on track.” It’s a little more embarrassing to skip out if other people are going to notice, so it pushes you to make it to a session. Without accountability, it is much easier to fall off the workout wagon.

Don’t have a friend willing to come along? Not problem at GymMatrix. Members get to know each other because each session is limited to seven people. Even if you come alone, a handful of workout buddies will be there to push you along.

“With our group settings you not only are motivated by your certified trainer but also by the other members in the class.  This concept completely changes the atmosphere in the gym because you are training with other members, with the guidance of a trainer, to achieve your goals,” says David Mesa, senior vice president of franchise development. “This environment promotes interaction, which increases motivation to continue.  Members not only become dedicated to their exercise regime but motivate each other along the way.”

A certified, experienced personal trainer leads every session, and you still get the benefit of an individualized workout. The flagship GymMatrix in New Orleans, at 5300 Tchoupitoulas Street, is open and ready to help you reach your goals. Our second location in Marrero is enrolling members as we speak. For more information, and free passes to check us out, CLICK HERE.