GymMatrix Review: Member Sarah Gilberti

After repeatedly driving by the Tchoupitoulas Street GymMatrix, Realtor Sarah Gilberti, 35, decided to join last November after making a commitment to drop the baby weight. With two children under the age of 2, Gilberti had about 45 pounds to lose to get back to pre-kid weight. Down 10 pounds, Gilberti is singing the praises of GymMatrix and has even gotten some co-workers to join as well.

“I am running around telling everybody how great they are,” she says. “They are all just easy and nice. People don’t have to feel intimidated because it is not one of those typical places where you walk in and are uncomfortable. No one here will make you feel uncomfortable.”

GM: Have you ever joined a gym before?
SG: I had. The JCC (the Jewish Community Center facility) here in New Orleans is in my neighborhood and that is where I have gone in the past. But it has been a few years, before I got married and had kids. But most gyms can absolutely be intimidating.

GM: Have you used personal trainers before?
SG: I had used personal trainers a lot in the past but I sell real estate, so my income has changed dramatically and I can no longer afford to pay, for example, $45 a Pilates session. I worked out with a few different trainers around the city, but I had never taken a class before and that was what I liked about GymMatrix.

GM: Do the small sessions with the trainer, seven people or less, appeal to you?
SG: I love it. And it usually averages three or four people, so it is really perfect. If I didn’t sign up for a session, I know on my own I wouldn’t be going in there.

GM: What is your GymMatrix routine?
SG: I go four or five days a week. I try to make a 4 p.m. session Monday and Tuesday, an upper body, a lower and a total body workout. Thursday I try to go in and do some cardio and same with Friday or Saturday. I usually try to do one day or the other.

GM: What is your favorite part about working out at GymMatrix?
SG: Definitely the sessions. If I go in there on my own and I am just trying to do some cardio, and I need help, they are there. One of the girls got on the elliptical with me because nobody else was on it and I wanted to quit. I wanted to give up and she was like, ‘No don’t quit, I’ll hop on right next to you.’ And it made a total difference and I finished it. If it hadn’t been for her I would have stopped. So everybody is really nice. I love everything about it.

GM: So what have been your results?
SG:  I have already lost about 10 pounds. I hate weighing myself so I don’t do it often, but I went in today and one of the girls I had not seen in awhile said she could tell I have totally lost weight. And that feels great.