GymMatrix Tchoupitoulas Combines Best of Gym and Personal Training

Second site with small-group training, 24-hour access to open in Marrero 

GymMatrix is a new health club model that gives members personal attention, small group training and 24-hour access. The modest monthly fee costs less than what many personal trainers charge for an hour or two of their time.

Our flagship location, at the Riverside Market, 5300 Tchoupitoulas Street, is buzzing with members working toward their fitness goals. Our site in Marrero, at 2324 Barataria Blvd., is enrolling members and will open in late April.

GymMatrix is the brainchild of CEO Stephen Smith, a former professional arena football player and an icon in the health and fitness industry. He sold his first gym membership when he was 18 and has been involved in the industry for the past 28 years. A former master licensee in the Gold’s Gym system, Smith looked at the health club landscape and realized something was missing.

“Most people don’t know how to use workout equipment or how to structure workouts,” said Smith, who is also CEO of Planet Beach Franchising Corp. “This creates a viscous cycle where gym customers get frustrated with a gym and leave after 90 days, rarely achieving their personal fitness goals.”

Smith’s idea combines the best of a traditional gym membership and add-on, often expensive, personal trainers. Throughout the work day and evening, members get access to a variety of small group training classes. All are led by experienced personal trainers, and a typical franchise will offer 35 different sessions a week, with no more than seven participants at a time.

“It can be very intimidating to start exercising at a gym for the first time,” says David Mesa, senior vice president of franchise development. “All of the equipment can be overwhelming and no one wants to look silly out there doing it wrong.  Having a certified personal trainer there who is not only creating your personal exercise regime, but also showing you how, takes that stress away.”

GymMatrix offers different membership levels. At the Uptown New Orleans locale, our “Transformational” membership is very popular. Members receive three small group training sessions each week, 24/7 gym access, a monthly fitness assessment and an online portal to schedule sessions and monitor progress.

“The value is insane,” says Lyle Gadin, manager of the Tchoupitoulas GymMatrix. Gadin knows – because as a certified personal trainer, he’d charge clients $50 or $60 an hour.

In most health clubs, customers pay a monthly membership fee in addition to paying personal trainers per hour. This drives up the monthly cost and most gym members simply opt out, never getting the training they need to make a health or fitness breakthrough.

At GymMatrix, that’s not how we roll. We designed our facilities and programs so you are not alone and receive professional advice and direction. Interested? Click here to try a few sessions for free.