Lose the Excuses to Start Losing the Pounds

Small group personal training will jump-start your progress.

You’ve been bad haven’t you?

You promised to get back in shape after the holidays but decided to wait until the gym wasn’t so busy. After all, less people means less intimidation. But now that the treadmills have opened up, so many other opportunities beckoned: a Carnival season brimming with tasty drinks, fabulous New Orleans’ party food, parades, balls and brunches. Winter this year was harsh, making winter blahs even more bleak, and Mardi Gras was a nice break, but enough is enough.

Luckily, GymMatrix has everything you need to get back to a state of optimum health. And with the Tchoupitoulas location already open and Marrero location opening soon, there are no more excuses.

For those who find a traditional gym atmosphere intimidating or awkward, the 24/7 GymMatrix offers small group personal training sessions along with equipment as part of a flat monthly membership fee. Crowding isn’t an issue because the training sessions are limited to seven people. This is just one of the ways GymMatrix helps members get over their own hurdles, even those who are unsure how to use gym equipment.

“The GymMatrix concept works for everyone, but I believe it is most beneficial for those individuals that need personal guidance and motivation to see this through,” says David Mesa, senior vice president of franchise development and part owner of the soon-to-be open GymMatrix in Marrero. “It can be very intimidating to start exercising at a gym for the first time. All of the equipment can be overwhelming and no one wants to look silly out there doing it wrong.”

Instead, GymMatrix tackles that problem by combining the best of a traditional gym membership, like fitness machines and weights, with access to small group personal training sessions. There are 35 available every week, and members sign up online so the sessions will never be too big.

And it’s no secret that working out can boost your mood. The National Institute of Health recommends regular activity for people experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder, or even simple “cabin fever.” With GymMatrix’s open-all-night hours, anytime is the right time to begin combating those winter blues, no matter what your personal schedule will allow.

Exercise helps your mind by releasing those feel-good chemicals that improve your mood. Plus, the effects of a good workout can last for several hours, and your metabolism will stay elevated, too. That means your body burns energy (calories) more quickly for hours after your session is done.

So what are you waiting for? It is never too late to atone for indulging.