Membership Information

GymMatrix Memberships are one of a kind!

As a member of GymMatrix you receive benefits that are unmatched by others.  Most gyms offer the typical 24/7 access membership for a monthly rate, but if you want a personal trainer, [and who doesn’t], that is going to cost you extra!  GymMatrix makes having a professional trainer affordable to all and it is included in your membership!  This is just the beginning to our exceptional memberships.

One of the most popular memberships at GymMatrix is our Transformation Membership  Transformation members include the following benefits. . . all for one affordable monthly rate:

  • 3 Personal Group Training Sessions Per week

  • Over 35 conveniently weekly sessions to choose from

  • Fitness Assessments every 30 days to track and monitor your progress

  • Unlimited 24/7 Gym Access . . . NO EXCUSES ACCESS!

  • Online Member Portal to schedule your sessions and monitor your progress

  • Reciprocation to all GymMatrix locations . . . take your membership with you where you go

  • VIP Guest Privileges so you can have your friends and family try out GymMatrix with you*

  • MORE . . .

What is a Fitness Assessment?

During a fitness assessment, a trainer will measure each member on a multitude of fitness tests.  Some of the measurements include strength, cardio, flexibility and body composition.  Each assessment will give the member and the trainer a better understanding of the  members’ current physical condition.  The results of the assessment will help set realistic, yet aggressive fitness and nutritional goals so that results can be tracked every 30 days.  The composition portion of the assessment is performed using an electrical impedance device.  This device provides members with their Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index (BMI).  These measurements are critical for members looking to loose weight and to those looking to increase muscle mass.  Ongoing Fitness Assessments are key to getting the results you want!  If you don’t know where you are starting and if you are not setting goals to reach from that point. . . then what are you doing?  Call your local GymMatrix today for more information.

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